Toronto proposal suggests turning bridge into walking market

A new idea from Farrow Partners architecture wants to turn the bridge connecting Bloor street to the Danforth area into a market area.

The plan doesn’t get rid of all five lanes of traffic, though. Instead, it will split the bridge with three lanes for driving and two for pedestrians to hang out and shop. The third lane of traffic will also become street parking during off-peak times.

The idea of the space came from the famous high-line park in New York City, which converted the cities old above-ground rail system lines into a walking park with some sections that include small shops and restaurants.

Since the bridge goes over the top of the Don Valley in Toronto, the plan is to build elevators and stairs that take people from the new area down into the valley to use the hiking trails below. The vantage point of the bridge also gives pedestrians a nice view of the city, Lake Ontario and the valley below.

While this looks like a fun little park/shopping area in a unique location, it will be interesting to see if drivers are willing to give up that many lanes of traffic for a park-type area that doesn’t seem to remember that Toronto still has some cold winter days too.

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