Toronto revitalizing waterfront near Bathurst street

Toronto is still working to revitalize the waterfront area, and a new set of paths and a community centre near Bathhurst street on the water are the next stage of the plan.

This means that an older office building will become the Corleck Building which will be a hub for arts and culture events run b the Canada Ireland Foundation. Alongside that, the project will also restore the heritage malting silos and surround them with walking paths.

This is part of the third phase of the revitalization and will also include more lakeside seating, public event spaces and dynamic lighting to highlight the malting silos as a cool location on the water.

These silos are a pretty interesting heritage site that was built in 1928 to store malt for the Canada Malting Company. Since these towers were made out of concrete, they were also fireproof, which at the time was a silo innovation, according to Wikipedia.

Source: Storeys

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