Toronto takes home the honour of having the most cranes

If you’ve ever looked at Toronto’s skyline and marvelled at the several dozen cranes looming on the horizon and said to yourself, “I bet this city has the most cranes in all of North America,” then, surprise, you’re entirely correct.

As first reported by Urban Toronto, Toronto currently has 84 cranes gracing its horizon as of April 2021, amounting to 43 percent of all the cranes present in North America. 

That said, Rider Levitt Bucknall’s twice-yearly ‘North American Crane Index’ doesn’t cover every market in North America and as a result, this data could be at least somewhat skewed. It’s also unclear if the data only relates to the downtown core or if notable Greater Toronto Area (GTA) suburbs like Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and more are included in the rankings.

However, just anecdotally speaking, Toronto’s skyline has been littered with an abundance of cranes for years, and with the condo market starting to heat up again, it makes sense that the city would take this coveted spot.

Other crane-filled cities ranked in the report include Calgary, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Dever, Chicago and more. Calgary is the only other Canadian city to grace the list, with major city centres like Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal. 

It’s also worth noting that bustling American metropolises like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and more, somehow didn’t manage to make the list.

Urban Toronto has a full breakdown of all the cranes present in the core of the city and the surrounding suburbs. According to the publication, there are somehow even four cranes in Burlington, Ontario.

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