Vancouver condo offers a discount if you trade in your car

In one of the weirder condo sales incentives I’ve ever seen,  a Vancouver building has partnered with a local dealership to give prospective buyers the option of trading in their car for a discount on their home.

Depending on how much their car is worth, buyers can get as much as 20 percent off of an $850,000 condo. The dealership, the Dilawari group, says that if the car is fully paid off, in good working order and has been bought in B.C. in the past, it will work for the trade-in.

The condo ower in question belongs to Westbank Development, and it’s called the Oakridge x Lissoni tower. It’s a new 42-storey unit with 319 condos within it. Each unit has also been designed by Piero Lissoni, and in the renders, the company has shown off so far look quite nice.

This is in the up-and-coming Oakridge Park development, which has a more sustainable mandate than most condos. Hence the trade-in option to help residents get rid of gas-guzzling cars.

This tower won’t be done until 2024, so if you trade-in your vehicle, prepare to live without it or a new condo home for at least two more years.

Source: Urban YVR

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