Vancouver is getting a condo tower that looks like “Jenga” blocks

Have you ever wanted to live in a condo tower that looks like a set of Jenga blocks that are about to fall over? No, right? Well, that hasn’t stopped Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties from moving forward with a rather interesting-looking design plan. 

Four years after the “Jenga tower” was approved by Vancouver’s City Council, the condo high-rise is moving into the pre-sale stage. The tower, called ‘Fifteen Fifteen’ after its address of 1515 Alberni street near the Coal Harbour and West End neighhourhoods of downtown Vancouver, will feature 202 “upscale” condo units across its 42 floors. 

This is the first building created in North America by renowned German architect Ole Scheeren. According to The Daily Hive, Scheeren designed both the inside and outside of the building. 

Construction is set to start in July 2022 with a completion date of 2027. Sales will begin in October 2021. Prices start at $900,000, there are four three-level penthouses and 69 different floor plans. Units range from studios to three-bedroom units, and retail space is set to occupy the ground floor of the building.

Scheeren says that the building’s “cantilevered protrusions” are designed to “break the verticality of the tower, to project and fold elements out horizontally, and to make a clear connection between the natural environment and one’s personal space.”

As far as condo buildings go, Fifteen Fifteen is undeniably unique, though it looks like those interested in getting in on the Jenga action will need to wait a few years given construction isn’t scheduled to complete for several years. 

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