We dare you to watch this video about Toronto’s King West and not cringe

If you enjoy a healthy dose of second-hand embarrassment, this TikTok is for you.

@theannaoliverBecause Lavelle rooftop, obviously.♬ Champagne Poetry – Drake

A Toronto-based real-estate agent, Anna Oliver, released a 10-second TikTok entitled ‘the top neighbourhood to live in Toronto’ that has received a lot of attention, to say the least.

In the video, Oliver raves about Toronto’s King West neighbourhood by citing a restaurant called Lavelle that she misspells as Laval and a restaurant called ‘Arreto’ that is likely a reference to Oretta.

In summary, Oliver raves about the sometimes controversial Toronto neighbourhood known for attracting out-of-town people from the suburbs because of its flashy, often over-priced restaurants designed for pretty Instagram posts.

For a few choice takes on the realtor’s video, check out the tweets below:

Oliver, as expected, did not reply to blogTO’s request for comment. However, there is a possibility she might be in on the joke. For example, in the comments of her TikTok video, Oliver responded with a winky emoji to a viewer suggesting the video was satirical.

However, a follow-up TikTok from Oliver indicates that her first King West video was indeed entirely serious.

Source: blogTO

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