You can buy this tiny home in Toronto for as low as $26,000

If you’ve ever lived in a small Toronto apartment, you’re probably familiar with the experience of living in a tiny house.

Apart from the fact that you’re probably paying a lot more for your housing than someone who lives in a tiny place. And, as the price of real estate in Toronto continues to rise, the idea of leaving the city and entering the tiny house market is growing more enticing by the day. Not only are the prices reduced, but the dwellings are frequently self-sufficient and can be simply relocated wherever you wish to go.

There are a few modest homes available in Toronto right now, with prices starting at $26,000. They could be a good buy as long as you have a parking spot for your new home.

Off-Grid Tiny House – $75,000
Converted 53′ semi-trailer on wheels
Kitchen with propane oven and stove, dishwasher, and fridge
Bathroom with compost toilet and claw foot bathtub
Lofted bed in a separate room
Air conditioning
Eight 250w solar panels

Toronto Cabin – $45,000
Custom-designed cabin with 60″ round feature window
Firewood stove
Compost toilet
Bathroom upgrades, solar power, and electrical can be added upon request

20″ Tiny House – $26,000
160 sq ft (20 ft x 8 ft) steel-framed home on wheels
Lofted bedroom
Front porch
Propane heat
Flush toilet

Comfortable Tiny House on Wheels – $30,000
16’x 8.5′ tiny house on wheels
Heating and air conditioning
Stacked washer/dryer
Kitchen with a minifridge, toaster over, microwave, two-burner induction hot plate
Bathroom with a flush toilet, sink, shower, and medicine cabinet
Lofted bedroom

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