You can live in an old Ontario courthouse complete with jail cells for $229K

If you have some particularly rowdy kids (or a spouse) and you’re looking to move, the perfect place has been listed in Owen Sound, Ontario.

The creepy courthouse was built in 1854, and it’s protected under the Ontario Heritage Act, so it can’t be torn down. Not that you’d want to.

The interior is a little dated, but you get access to all kinds of wacky rooms like a courtroom and holding cells. That being said, apparently, the new owners will be able to remove and renovate the jail section since apparently trying to sell a home with a creep 1800-style jail in it is a tough sell. Who would have guessed?

If you’re worried about ghosts, you’ll be happy to know that the building has been unoccupied since 2014, so if there are any, they’ll most likely be the old creepy kind from the 1800s and not the weird millennial kind that might have popped up in the 2010s.

While this building comes with some unique challenges, it’s got a lot of space and potential to become something very unique.

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