You might be surprised at what a $40,0000 house looks like in Ontario

With the average cost of a home in the GTA surging well beyond $1 million, for some young people, the prospect of buying a home in the city at this point is nearly impossible.

This is where Colette Peters’ off-the-grid tiny home comes into play. The little home, located near Kingston, Ontario, costs just $40,000. 

Peters says she lived in the home for five years, first with it located on a campground and then later on a relative’s farm. Once she saved enough money, she purchased a plot of land for $10,000 in the Kingston area. 

Given the tiny home is entirely off-the-grid, it doesn’t hook up to municipal water or hydro. That said, Peters has dug a well and installed a septic system. However, since the home can be moved around, you could pick it up and bring it to wherever you want it located. 

The tiny home is powered by two 240W solar panels coupled with a backup generator. There’s loft space for a queen-size bed, a pull-out futon, a small kitchen with a double sink, a hot water heater and a propane stovetop range. Other features include a Nature’s Head composting toilet and shower. 

The home is 24 feet long, eight feet wide and the tallest point of the inside of the building is nine feet four inches. 

Peters says she plans to accept offers on the tiny home until August 31st. 

Source: blogTO

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